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What's Co-living

Co-living is living together: sharing experiences, making memories, and caring for each other. It is a social living space where people from diverse backgrounds, unique personalities, and rich histories can chill, work, and play. Co-living is the new answer to the old question - where can I find a home away from home?


For young professionals or young families, co-living is the modern shared-housing solution where you have all your living bases covered. Fully furnished, well designed, at convenient locations, and very safe - co-living spaces offer you inspiring room to co-live, co-inspire, and co-create.

Good Friends

New in town? Looking for flexibility in your choice of stays?? Want to live in a safe and clean environment in beautiful locations with people your age like you to share pains and gains? 


Do you want a stress free life? Are you comfort compulsive - want air conditioning, cleaning services, in-house food, kitchen, gym, lounge, parking, indoor game rooms, outdoor space - all in one place?


One reason or several, co-living is a fantastic living option for any house hunter for rent. All the above services and more, Stayzo is the game-changing co-living company providing the living experience you’ve been looking for. 


All in one bill

Happening social life

All services, one place

Your own community

Safe, nearby and easy to move in

Different people, different vibes

Is Co-Living for me?


In one sentence - because STAYZO is a fresh co-living home space specially designed for young peeps by open-minded folks. For anyone in the lookout for solutions in quality living, we are your brightly checkered flag. By nature, we are warm and welcoming. By spirit, we are young and vibrant. By personality, we are dynamic and flexible. We are STAYZO- where life happens where you belong. Come live with us and experience for yourself!




Plug in to high-speed internet, or plug out to like-minded people. Stayzo is a place to explore, connect, and discover.




Movie marathons, daily catch-ups, bonding over music, or simply chilling out - live where you celebrate youth, every day.




Different backgrounds, varying stories, similar interests, same desires: co-live life to the fullest; be where you belong.

cafe, entertainment, co-living, homestay
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