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co-working, co-living, homestay

To bee or not to bee

Not a question you will ever ask at STAYZO. True co-living with private living, shared spaces and shared experiences.
Where You Belong

A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality

 John Lennon

Living with Stayzo is to experience true co-living as reality. We’re reimagining renting in India by designing living options and shared spaces where you can learn, love, laugh, and live - freely. Pack your bags and fit right into spaces that meet your budget, are safe and secure, easy to move into, wholesome to live in, and comfy with low restrictions. 


Settle in once, make friends for life. Grow with a community that feels like family. Come as you are, bee where you beelong.


Life at STAYZO

private living

whether you choose to live alone or share your living space, we promise you the best sleep you will ever get in a clean and comfortable environment


the difference between living and existing. enjoy a host of shared spaces meant for recreation, work or well being.

shared spaces


be part of a community with shared interest and goals, that inspires you to learn and grow. enjoy a game of table tennis or cricket with your co-residents or participate in making the world a better place.

shared experiences

bee more!!


Best Friends

we understand that living away from family and friends can some times get to you. build your own tribe with your co residents or invite your friends over and wind down in the spaces created with you in mind

build your own tribe!!
Hand Sanitizer
Safety First

we care for your safety and will go that extra bit to ensure that you sense that when you are living with us

Free Yoga
Learn and Grow

we are passionate about your personal and professional growth. be part of a community that fosters just that when you live with us and spaces that have been designed around that endeavour

Work From Home
break free!!

you choose the life you want to live. we are only providing the environment to live it in. you will experience very few restrictions while you live with us.

Vegetarian Thali

who says tasty food cant be nutritious. make your own meal. feeling lazy? ask the chef to cook you up a meal, all in an ultra modern kitchen

eat well
Hands Together

the community living with you will inspire you to contribute to the world in your own small way. become part of the movement to make the world a better place

the world your playground
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